Baking and Dessert Recipes Mother Would Approve of

by admin

Cooking is one of the most pleasant memories that people have of their mothers. Its truly amazing how a mother knows exactly how to put ingredients together to make a delicious dessert that her children will like. Many people grow up and learn how to cook like their mothers. Two of the dessert recipes that all mothers would approve of include banana pudding and red velvet cake.

Banana pudding is a favorite dessert because it is relatively simple to make. The only ingredients that are needed to make this tasty treat are bananas, whip cream, vanilla wafer, instant pudding and milk.Didn’t catch that? This explains it. Banana pudding can be served hot or cold. Those who choose to serve their banana pudding cold should let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

Red velvet cake is another one of the dessert’s that a mother would approve of. Salt, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, buttermilk, eggs, distilled vinegar, vegetable oil, sugar, baking soda, food coloring are needed to make red velvet cake. Pecans are optional. This cake only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and another 30 minutes to cook. Red velvet cake is the tastiest when it has sat for a day.

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