Confessions of – My Worst Baking Experience

by admin

When my brother and I were younger, we were close. He was away at military academy and really missed the cakes and cookies my grandmother and I used to make at home for the holidays. Sometimes I would bake some cookies of even a cake and have it sent to him on the train. We had no courier services at that time and the US Postal Service would not let us mail baked and frosted cakes or cookies unless they were in a closed tin.The whole story can be found at

I decided to send my brother some walnut fudge, his favorite. My grandmother had been doing a lot of baking and quite a few ingredients were getting low in supply. I managed to make the fudge but at one point, I could not find the chocolate we normally used. Grandmother told me that all we had left was in a foil wrapper in the cabinet.

I f finished the recipe and I was tempted to have some but managed to resist the temptation. I boxed up the fudge with a cake made by grandma and sent it down to the train station. They forwarded it on the next eastbound train.

Two days later, my brother received the package. He was thrilled and called me to say thank you. He and his friends had eaten the cake straight away. Tomorrow they would start on the walnut fudge. I expected a phone call and when the call did not come, I placed a call myself. I was told my brother was recuperating along with most of the boys on his floor. They had eaten some fudge made thought to have been made with EXLAX. When I told my grandmother, she was just horrified at the mistake she had made in telling me where the “chocolate” was located.

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